Fresh Chicken Delivery Selangor

We are an online marketplace that specializes in providing chicken from local breeding farms in Selangor. We deliver fresh chicken products to customers all over the Selangor region. We supply halal-certified chicken and deliver it every day. Place an order before 8 PM today, and rest assured that you will receive your order the next day. We provide doorstep delivery and also offer Free Delivery for orders above RM120. In addition, we have special pricing for members. Also, use coupon code ref1228965  to avail an additional discount of RM5 on any order that exceeds RM100.

Direct from Farm

At Fresh Chicken, be assured of getting Chicken that is farm fresh. No added preservatives and 100 percent original and genuine Chicken. Get farm-fresh Chicken delivered to your doorstep within a day if you place an order before 8 PM.

Hormone and Antibiotic Free

We only provide Chicken that is natural and free from any additives. We give you a guarantee of using no hormones or antibiotics to make our product look healthy. We provide you with Chicken freshly sourced from local farms.

Delivered in Fresh

We deliver genuine halal-certified Chicken to your doorstep in one day. Our Chicken has a pinkish color, spongy texture, and no unpleasant odor, proving that our products are genuine and sourced directly from local farms.

Halal Certified

We at Fresh Chicken only provide you Halal-Certified Chicken. Our Chicken is fresh and sourced from local farms, and we offer services all over the Selangor region.

Whole Chicken

We deliver whole Chicken directly to the doorstep of your home – 100 percent farm fresh chicken sourced from local breeding farms, which is halal-certified. If you place an order before 8 PM today, we guarantee a one-day delivery. Our Chicken is free of any additives or antibiotics that may make the Chicken look healthy. We deliver to the entire Selangor region. Fresh Chicken is an online marketplace that guarantees 5-star quality below the market rate, and the whole Chicken is supplied DIRECTLY from the FARM! Our Chicken has no bad odor, no rubbery texture, nor greyish flesh. All of these are a mark of the genuine products that we provide.

Chicken Parts

At Fresh Chicken, we strive to deliver the freshest Chicken possible from the local breeding farms free from any additive, halal-certified, and 5-star quality. We provide whole Chicken and deliver various parts of the Chicken in the form of chicken legs, breasts, wings, paws, quarters, etc. We guarantee you doorstep delivery in a single day if ordered before 8 PM. Our Chicken is way superior to our competitors, and even while maintaining top-notch quality, our rates are lower than the market rates. So be assured that you will get the best quality of Chicken.